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Going Global

A truly global company.
Precision medicine requires not only big data but diverse data, and that means pharma has to go global. People all over the world will have access to the company; the farmer in Kenia, the carpenter in Brazil, the Investment-Banker on Wall-Street, the school teacher in China, the lawyer in Belarus, or the student in Buenos Aires. Due to the built-in trust system (transactions are encoded on the blockchain), independently of any central authority, also people can invest in the pharmaceutical company that are under normal circumstances banned from investing, either due to local law or because they do not have access to a regular banking system.

“Blockchain technology radically lowers barriers for new-entrants to create alternatives to the conventional healthcare industry.”

Investors also have the benefit of choosing to invest in projects that have meaning or align with something that they are passionate about. The blockchain-investor can potentially see that product or idea grows into something that makes a difference in the world. For developing countries, participating in such a healthcare infrastructure can help them improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. Here, blockchain can empower the poorest, especially women to transform their lives, giving the people tools to lead healthy, productive lives. A company without borders ensures appropriate participant inclusion with respective to ethnic diversity and other demographics and better inclusion of those who are medically disenfranchised.