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DIP Transparency

Transparency of the blockchain.
Another important advantage of an open, blockchain based pharmaceutical company is the transparency of the blockchain. Less risk through openness can help spur the growth of the enterprise and much faster developments of therapeutics or companion diagnostics. More openness inspires confidence, which in turn leads to better commerce. In addition, transparency will also result in better healthcare, especially for people in developing countries. For example, in Africa almost all health data, if at all, is still collected on paper by health workers. Only rarely, when resources permit, the data is manually transferred to the electronic database. Getting reliable health data in low-income countries will dramatically change health outcomes and prepares the global community to deal with disease outbreaks. If health data is stored on the blockchain, the global blockchain community can – in real-time- observe if critical epidemics are about to start, improving pandemic preparedness on a never seen before scale.