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Digital Shares

Obtaining Digital Identity shares in exchange for IP.
Blockchain technology provides an opportunity for crowdsourced brainstorming to refine the companies’ idea. Being global and open, the company enables participants from diverse – and traditionally competing – backgrounds and positions to experiment with, propose and debate innovative ideas in a collaborative setting. Having access to many intellectual resources means to be able to cover all the holes that the venture might have at an early stage. Scientists and business managers can engage the crowd of supporters and receive comments, feedback, and ideas – in exchange for equity. The community itself can determine the value of any input, or if the community agrees, by expert groups or upper management. This feedback, e.g. from external scientists, medical doctors, inventors, business strategist or other individuals with domain expertise is extremely valuable, as it can help understand some aspects of the business that were previously un-thought of. The flow of information can also go the other way, for example giving the company an opportunity of pre-selling. Having access to their stakeholders (i.e. patients) gives Digital Identity the ability to pre-sell a healthcare product, service or concept before it reaches the market. This could happen as a form of dividends payment to shareholders, additionally an effective way to gauge user reaction and analyze the global healthcare market to finally decide whether to pursue a given concept or not.

With the pharmaceutical industry evolving away from classical blockbuster business models and becoming more efficient and precise, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the associated benefits! Now we have the chance for assimilating, analyzing, and integrating omic data, electronic medical records, data obtained with mHealth devices, and other data of millions of people. Everybody will benefit when people can focus on innovating rather than getting bogged down in territorial and jurisdictional issues. Blockchains will make the healthcare industry faster, more efficient, more secure, and less risky. In building the evidence base for precision medicine, longitudinal post-market data on diverse populations can be collected continuously; the blockchain does not forget.
Together blockchain experts, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals can leverage their global business development experience and project management skills, healthcare expertise and depth of industry knowledge, to start a company like Digital Identity (it can have any name). This project offers a way to deliver sustainable returns to investors, disrupting healthcare businesses with distributed ledger technology. Pharma R&D will be more secure, more democratic, affordable and sustainable, bringing down barriers to unlock global opportunities.