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Dr. Who?

Name: Dr. Axel Schumacher;    Born: Yes;    Lives in: Munich/Germany

Documented track record as a visionary scientist, futurist, inventor, author, entrepreneur, and business leader in academic, clinical, and pharmaceutical environments. Directed international R&D and marketing programs across Europe and North America. Axel translates scientific discoveries into practical applications to help understand, treat & prevent complex disorders, but also to promote cutting-edge technologies that could transform medicine and the way we age.

Axel offers a unique mixture of scientific, marketing, and business expertise with a particularly deep understanding of the life science industry to build trust and credibility among clients. He has many years of experience in Digital Health, Epigenomics, Multi-omics, Biomarker Development, Biobanking, Aging & Longevity Research, Genomics, Microfluidics, Precision Medicine, Complex Disorders (Alzheimer, Schizophrenia,..), Online Dating Industry, Blockchain, and R&D Informatics, with additional knowledge in Content Marketing, KOL Management, Game Theory, Business Strategy, Technology Innovation, Customer Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Clinical Research. Axel has a track-record of moving companies successfully into the precision medicine field, providing access to new markets.

Aging & Longevity, Epigenetics, Precision Health, Blockchain, The Science of Dating, Vertical Farming & Biospheres, Artificial Intelligence, Human Cognition, Innovation, Chess, Futurism, and Space Travel.

What else?
If you want to learn more about digital health and precision medicine, you can follow Axel on Twitter: Methylogix
If you want to follow Axel’s work on ‘The Science of [Onine] Dating’ and his activities as Human Rights Activist, follow: TheGrailmaster

Axel is the host of the “Late Night Science” Podcast show.

You can watch the show on the YouTube Late Night Science page.

Listen to it on Spotify, on Anchor.fm, on Stitcher, on Breaker, on RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, in the Pocket Cast app or on the Google Podcasts app, among others.




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