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Here is the list of Axel’s publications:

2017A. Schumacher (2017) Blockchain & Healthcare. 2017 Strategy Guide for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Insurers & Healthcare Providers.
A. Schumacher (2017) Aging Epigenetics, Handbook of Epigenetics II, Elsevier; in press
A. Schumacher (2017) Epigenetics of aging and longevity: challenges and future directions. Epigenetics of Aging and Longevity. Elsevier; in press
2016A. Schumacher (2016) A 10-step lifecycle management system to improve harmonization of omics data analysis workflows. doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19991.78246
A. Schumacher et al. (2016) Efficient genomic profiling of patients: the benefit of systems interoperability. Insight Genedata Profiler Vol. 1, 2. doi: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3093.4648
A. Schumacher (2016) Improving the quality of translational research: A data-driven decision making in precision medicine. Part I-III, Insight Genedata Profiler Vol. 1, 2-4.
2012S.W. Bihaqi, A. Schumacher, … N.H. Zawia (2012). Do Epigenetic Pathways Initiate Late Onset Alzheimer Disease (LOAD): Towards a New Paradigm. Cur Alzheimer Res, 9, 577-591 (IF: 5.0)
2011M. Kantlehner, R. Kirchner, P. Hartmann, J. Ellwart, M. Alunni-Fabbroni & A. Schumacher (2011)
A high-throughput DNA methylation analysis of a single cell; Nucleic Acids Res., Vol.39 (2): 1-9. (IF: 7.5)

Note: The presented method addresses the problems of cell heterogeneity in epigenetics research; avoiding complicated microfluidic systems and offers the opportunity for high-throughput screening in a clinical/diagnostics laboratory, as many single cells can be screened in parallel.
Schumacher, Syed Bihaqi & Nasser H. Zawia (2011). Epigenetics and late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Epigenetic aspects of chronic disease. Springer.
2010Schumacher (2010) Aging Epigenetics. Handbook of Epigenetics: The New Molecular and Medical Genetics. Elsevier.

Note: A new unifying model of aging and the development of complex diseases was proposed, incorporating classical aging theories.
Schumacher (2010) Nutrition, epigenetic drift and the emerging epigenetic paradigm: Lessons from neurobehavioral disorders. Nutrition, Epigenetics Mechanisms & Human Disease. Taylor & Francis.
2008S.-C. Wang, B. Oelze & A. Schumacher (2008). Age-specific epigenetic drift in late-onset Alzheimer's disease. PLoS ONE; Jul 16; 3(7): e2698. (IF: 4.4)

Note : Worldwide the first proof of whole genome epigenetic abnormalities in late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Featured in many newspaper articles around the globe. Paper has been selected by the Alzheimer Research Foundation as an "ARF Recommends" paper. Selected by the Faculty of 1000 Medicine as landmark must read paper.
J. Mill, T. Tang, Z. Kaminsky, T. Khare, S. Yazdanpanah, L. Bouchard, P. Jia, A. Assadzadeh, J. Flanagan, A. Schumacher, S.-C. Wang & A. Petronis (2008). Epigenomic Profiling Reveals DNA Methylation Changes Associated with Major Psychosis. Am J Hum Genet; Mar; 82(3): 696-711. (IF: 12.63).

Note: Cover story, which was featured in many newspaper articles around the globe. This was the worldwide the first proof of whole genome epigenetic changes in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Paper has been selected by the NARSAD Schizophrenia Research Forum as "Recommended" paper.
Schumacher, A. Weinhäusl & A. Petronis (2008). Design and application of microarrays in DNA methylation profiling. Methods Mol Biol. 439: 109-29.
2007Schumacher, P. Friedrich, et al. (2007). No association of TDP-43 with sporadic frontotemporal dementia. Neurobiology of Aging, Jul 3; (IF: 5.61)
Schumacher, P. Friedrich, et al. (2007). No association of common VCP variants with sporadic fronto-temporal dementia. Neurobiology of Aging, Jul 4; (IF: 5.61)
Schumacher (2007) Online tutorial: Schumacher's Guide #1: Bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation fine-mapping.
Schumacher (2007) Online tutorial: Schumacher's Guide #2: Design and application of microarrays for identifying of DNA methylation.
2006Schumacher, P. Friedrich, et al. (2006). No association of chromatin-modifying protein 2B with sporadic frontotemporal dementia. Neurobiology of Aging, Sept 14; (IF: 5.60).

Note : First introduction of 'epigenetic' SNPs.
J. Flanagan, V. Popendikyte, N. Pozdniakovaite, M. Sobolev, A. Assadzadeh, A. Schumacher, M. Zangeneh, L. Lau, C. Virtanen, S-C. Wang & A. Petronis (2006). Intra- and Inter- Individual Epigenetic Variation in Human Germ Cells. American Journal of Human Genetics; 79: 67-84 (IF: 12.63).

Note: A Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight for 2006!
Schumacher, P. Kapranov, J. Flanagan, Z. Kaminsky, A. Assadzadeh, P. Yau, C. Virtanen, J. Cheng, N. Winegarden, T. Gingeras, & A. Petronis (2006). Microarray-based DNA methylation profiling: technology and applications. Nucleic Acids Res., Vol.34, 2: 528-542 (IF: 7.3)

Note: On NAR top hot papers list 2006. Highly cited, cover story of this issue. Described technology was patented and licensed to Pharma-Company.
Schumacher & A. Petronis (2006). Epigenetics in complex diseases: from theory to laboratory praxis. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: 310: 81-115. (IF: 4.61)
2004T. Schwarzbraun, J.B. Vincent, A. Schumacher, D.H. Geschwind, J. Oliveira, Ch. Windpassinger, L. Ofner, M. Ledinegg, P.M. Kroisel, K. Wagner & E. Petek (2004). Cloning, genomic structure, and expression profiles of TULIP1 (GARNL1), a brain-expressed candidate gene for 14q13-linked neurological phenotypes, and its murine homologue. Genomics, Sep; 84(3): 577-86. (IF: 3.5)
Schumacher & W. Doerfler (2004). Influence of in vitro manipulation on the stability of methylation patterns in the Snurf/Snrpn-imprinting region in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nucleic Acids Res., Volume 32, 5: 1566-1576 (IF: 7.3)
2003Schumacher, S. Arnhold, K. Addicks & W. Doerfler (2003). Staurosporine is a potent activator of neuronal, glial and "CNS stem cell"-like neurosphere differentiation in murine embryonic stem cells. Mol Cell Neurosci., Aug;23(4): 669-80 (IF: 5.4)
2001Schumacher (2001). Mechanisms and brain specific consequences of genomic imprinting in Prader-Willi and Angelman syndrome. Gene Funct. Dis., 2: No.1, 1-19.
2000Schumacher, P. Koetsier, J. Hertz & W. Doerfler (2000). Epigenetic and genotype-specific effects on the stability of the novo imposed methylation patterns in transgenic mice. J. Biol. Chem., 275: 37915-37921 (IF: 7.7)
1998Schumacher, K. Buiting, M. Zeschnigk, W. Doerfler & B. Horsthemke (1998). Methylation analysis of the PWS/AS region does not support an enhancer-competition model. Nature Genet. 19: 324-325; (IF: 40.4)