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DI Framework

A Framework Approach
Although the company still represents a for-profit entity, this pharma ecosystem is at the same time immune to exorbitant drug prices, tampering, fraud, or political control which are destroying the healthcare system in many countries. Digital Identity shares may be publicly traded if shareholders pass a resolution to do so.
The business structure of Digital Identity means a fair exchange of benefits. What the company earns is automatically distributed to its members. There are many ways in how the company can be structured in the long-run. One option is to provide shares that can be issued as a result of an investment process that in many ways is comparable to a process that a typical startup goes through when funded in a classic economy.
In particular, the company must provide evidence to investors that its shares have real-world value (IP, property, goods, contracts, etc..). The initial valuation is used by blockchain participants (either the whole community or dedicated experts) to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to affect a sale of the business. The initial valuation of Digital Identity matters because it determines the share of the company that must be given away to the investor community in exchange for money, keeping in mind that the valuation of the company at the early stage is a lot about the growth potential, as opposed to the present value. When it comes to causing a shift in how companies get funded, it made perfect sense to position the enterprise at the point where the money originates: worldwide on the blockchain. If the company would rely only on classical investments, only a very few people can invest and participants could only raise capital from accredited investors, venture capitalists, and banks.

Easing the flow of capital.
Digital Identity is a company where basically everybody can invest in, therefore offering more opportunities for investments, bringing in more private investors, collaborators, VCs, banks and other businesses and making such a venture a much more attractive environment to put your money into. People can invest cryptocurrency worth 10 million Dollar or merely worth 10 Cents. Traditionally, private investing, whether it is angel investing or venture capital investing has been very opaque and segmented. Now, even teenagers are able to use their pocket money to invest in Digital Identity by using their smartphones. This could build a whole new awareness in the young for dealing with money, economic issues and building an open, beneficial society for everyone. Short term, the company can help in bringing communities a little closer to embracing blockchain. Those distributed investors interact with each other to support business decisions, but such interactions are bound as in a single organization. In effect, blockchain-based funding is more efficient than traditional fundraising. It has lower costs associated, particularly for auditing and transactions. Overall, a cryptocurrency investment can be an attractive investment. Nowadays it is relatively easy to obtain cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), convert, or sell as easily as buying them. Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely adopted in most populations; however, this will change quickly, already there are more and more physical and online stores that support cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin.